Berwick Green Energy Program
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The Berwick Green Energy Program is empowering Homeowners and Businesses in the Town of Berwick to perform affordable Energy Efficient Upgrades to their properties with no up front costs, while supporting local products and services!

You can achieve savings that are greater than the payments and repay for up to 10 years at 4% per year! We also assist with Efficiency Nova Scotia rebates.

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On October 2nd and 9th, 2019, we hosted Open Houses at the Town Hall for over 35 people who wanted to learn more about the Berwick Green Energy Program. Thanks to all for your interest and attendance!


Our Mission

At Equilibrium, our mission is to provide energy services with sustainable design and energy conservation in mind. In teaming up with the Town of Berwick for the Berwick Green Energy Program, our goal is to help residents of the Town save money by reducing energy costs, while saving the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and overall ecological footprint. A true win-win!


The Process

Step one, contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling. Once we confirm your eligibility, we will assist you in selecting a local contractor to perform your desired upgrades.

A Participation Agreement (pdf 240 kb) will be provided, outlining the roles of everyone involved. The upgrades or the system is then installed and applications for rebates are sent out. Once the work is done, the Town will pay the contractor, the home/business owner then repays the Town over an up to 10-year period at a 4% fixed interest rate. Payments are flexible and can be made in a similar way to the Town as property taxes, with pre-authorized payments and/or lump sum(s).

The Process Breakdown


Reach out

Reach out to program administrator via phone or email to express interest in the program. Contact us or (902) 670-7622.


CONFIRM eligibility

The program administrator will confirm your eligibility and assists in selecting a local contractor. All eligible applicants must be in good standing with their property tax payments and within the Town limits .


A Participation Agreement (pdf 240 kb) is created for the work to be done, outlining the upgrade costs and the roles of everyone involved.


enhanced property value & comfort

The system and/or upgrades are installed by an approved contractor. Once the Certificate of Completion (PDF 153 kb) is delivered, it’s your time to enjoy the benefits of your upgrades, reduced energy costs and knowing you have reduced your ecological footprint. Way to go!



The homeowner applies for any applicable rebates from Efficiency Nova Scotia (see sample for Green Heat - PDF 190 kb, applicable to heat pumps), while the Town pays the contractor. The home/business owner then repays the town over a 10-year period at a 4% fixed interest rate. Payments are flexible and can be made in a similar way to the Town as property taxes, with pre-authorized payments and/or lump sum(s).


What should I upgrade?

Anything that increases
the energy efficiency
of your Home or building.

Starting with a Home Energy Assessment will assess your whole home, provide you with an energy rating and recommend which upgrades make the most sense.

Here is a list upgrades that can be financed through our program:

  • Heat Pumps (Ductless mini-split, Geothermal, Centrally ducted)

  • Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Windows and Doors

  • Insulation

  • Air Sealing (Draft proofing, caulking, weather stripping, duct sealing, etc.)

  • Solar Thermal/Solar PV

  • Energy Storage Solutions

  • Electric Boiler

  • Smart Thermostats

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations

  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Systems

  • Lighting (Motion Sensors, Timers, Dimmer)

  • And More …

Contact us if you’re interested in upgrades that are not listed above and we can determine eligibility. 

If you burn oil and you see a need to replace your oil tank, furnace, oil fueled water heater or chimney now is a good time to consider conversion to electric.


june 2019

We feel fortunate to have participated in The Berwick Green Energy Program. The process was clear, easy, expedient and very affordable. We appreciated the prompt direction and communication from Equilibrium Engineering Inc, the Town of Berwick, and White Rock Mechanical Services, all of whom made having our heat pump installed a positive experience.
Highly recommend this program!

-Brian and Evelyn Coleman 

Contact Us

If you have a general inquiry or are a home and/or businesses owner in Berwick and want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, contact us today!

Stefan Tylak, Town of Berwick Green Energy Financing Coordinator

(902) 670-7622

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